Today’s ride is sponsored by New Lodge Contractors

Castellar de la Frontera – Ceuta


Today was an early start after a good breakfast at the hotel. They also wanted us to do a photo shoot for their website (well take a photo of us anyway, but got to glam it up). Off we set and before we left the grounds of the hotel a deer with full antlers was running along side us. Fitting as when we set off in the Arctic we had reindeer running along with us. As we headed South there were wild boar 🐗 along side the road and very large eagles 🦅of some sort circling above us. We were all very excited that today it’s all over and we don’t have to climb on a bike in the morning. As we headed to Tarifa we had a large climb to contend with and clouds were looming above, then it got windy, very windy as we headed over towards the Atlantic. Dave had a puncture at the top of the climb and both Paul and I were already half way down the other side before the text came through “I’m going to stay here, got a puncture and refill gas run out, you carry on and I will meet you on way back” Hell NO I had a spare gas canister so back up the hill we went – we are a team. Then onward to Tarifa, the most southern point in Europe. We had done it Top to Bottom. The weather was quite bad so we did a few photos then quick cup of coffee before setting of back to the port and Africa. This time the wind was behind us so this helped us up the hill and we were soon at the ferry time for a beer.

Finally we made it to Africa!

4500 miles end to end

15200 total cycling miles.

144,000 feet of climbing each that’s 1/2 Million feet of climbing between us! Or climbing Everest 18 times from sea level!!!!

1.2 Million Calories used!

1300 litres of sweat lost

Several pints of blood lost and some skin.

Several punctures, 2 sets of wheels each, 2 sets of chains each and very dirty bikes.

Then there is the 13,000 miles of driving from the backup crew. (Go back up team).

That’s just some of the stats but the real story is the people involved and those who have supported. I have spoken already about the backup and the riders but it is everyone who reads these blogs, puts a comment on or a like. Those who have donated to the charity – Alzheimer’s Research UK which is now over £20,000 raised to this very worthy cause. The sponsors;

Oak by Design – Thank you Jamie and team

New Lodge Contractors – Thank you Clive, Elaine and Olivia

The Station Hotel – Thank you Martin, Janet and Emma

Logic Fire and Security – Thank you team

Kerry’s – Thank you Gary and team

Vantage Motor Group – Thank you Mark and team

I wish I could thank everyone personally but that would end up being a very long list. You all know who you are and we are all very very grateful for your comments, donations and support. I would like to thank all those who came to Monaco 🇲🇨 and to Cueta to see us in it means a lot knowing that support is there.

It has been an amazing journey in so many ways, I think all the riders, backup team and the bikes have had enough and are worn out.

I will put up another few blogs and up date the total value raised. I am sure we will also have a celebration when we get back.

To the boys it was an adventure we will never forget (or do again no matter how drunk I get and come up with an idea) I have loved every minute of it.

But for this, this one was for you Eric and My lovely wife Kathleen.

Thank you everyone

Now to celebrate 🎉

– Sean

P.s. what a reception we have had in Africa. There is nothing more satisfying in life than seeing people laugh and be happy, when they are your family and friends it makes it extra special and I would cycle another 4500 miles just for that experience x