Today’s ride is sponsored by Logic Fire and Security

Benicasim – Villargordo del Cabriel

Today was always going to be one of the make or break days, we had 118 miles and over 10,000 feet of climbing!

So it was early to bed the evening before to get up at 7:00am in pitch blackness. By 8:15 we were all ready and it was just getting light. Our aim was to do 40 miles before we stopped. The first 15 miles were a steady easy climb on great cycle paths away from the main road. Then came the first major climb 6 miles climbing 2300 feet. Climb done and a nice down hill to follow. Then we were straight into the next climb 10 miles and 2800 feet, the scenery was stunning orange 🍊groves on the lower slopes then olive trees as we climbed, eventually the fresh smell of the pine trees. It was getting hot 🥵 very hot. On the climbs we generally get separated – slim flys up the hills with tiny following not too far behind. Me Blocker well I bring up the rear pacing myself. Paul ran out of water up one of the hills to a point of nearly passing out. We were eventually 67 miles in and 6000 meters of climbing before we made our first stop. We were all very thirsty so a few bottles of water, a coke each and Dave and I had a cheeky beer 🍺

Off we went straight into another 6 miles climb of 2500 feet. We were heading into cowboy country with the arid landscqpes straight out of a spaghetti western movie. Followed by a few other climbs.

While we were battling the hills and the heat the girls Batman and Robin drove to the camp site we had booked only to find it all boarded up and closed. Kathleen called and seemingly the booking from had not been passed on – not the first time this outfit has let me down!! He did suggest another site 10 miles down the road so she called me to explain. The girls made their way to the camp which was by a nice lake.

We made our way to a town called Requena which was 102 miles in so we could work out our route to the new camp. The time was 6 pm and our new route was an extra 8 miles! So we had 24 miles left to go!! We decided to have a bite to eat there and some liquid refreshment – a beer or two!

So last leg 24 miles it was starting to get dark. Before long it was pitch black and although we had lights they are not the best for seeing where you are going.

Eventually we got to camp after 125 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing. Quick shower and off to bed 100+ miles tomorrow.

– Sean