Today’s ride is sponsored by Logic Fire and Security

Costa Brava – Lloret De Mar

We were all feeling a bit rough this morning as our ‘it’s Saturday night so let’s have a few’ outlook got us all pretty leathered last night. Our 8am alarms all got snoozed and we all got up at about 9/9.30, feeling a little (very) fragile.

We set off at 10 and all felt a little bit achey for the first few miles as usual. I personally had a hard time getting my knee warmed up so I was at the back while I tried to warm it up. The first 5 miles were nice roads but soon turned to rough gravel which made for a very tough 6 miles. Eventually we got ourself back on tarmac and found a nice little town for our first coffee break.

We decided to take a detour and take a chance on a route we found that might need us to carry our bikes through a bit of water but cut about 8 miles off the whole route so we decided to take the chance. We set off again on a bike track that was occupied by a load of Spanish pensioners playing boules which had us all laughing, so after we navigated that we headed on a sand track to the beach. When we got to the beach we realised the bit of water that we had to try get through was actually a LOT of water and was too deep, but Sean being the leader he is walked out and found a route that worked with our bikes on our shoulders, albeit very wet.

Half a mile later we got back onto track and got cycling again and back to the main road to try catch up on some miles as we’d had quite a slow morning with tracks and the sea in our way. We got ourselves onto a dual carriageway for a while which was a bit ropey but it helped us get our heads down for a bit and stopped for some lunch in Palamos, a nice little beach town.

After lunch we headed down the beach front which was lovely and we all took in a bit of scenery. I decided to start taking pictures and a few videos and completely missed the fact that we were heading for a set of stairs, which I only spotted last minute so ended up heading down that head first and coming off in what I imagine was hilarious to watch, although it didn’t tickle. A few bumps but nothing major to me or the bike so we all had a laugh and kept going, knowing that we still had a good 40 miles left and the time was cracking on faster than we expected. We knew we had a good few climbs left and the roads we had to go up were amazing. Sea views on the left and long sweeping roads in front of us, climbing what were 6-11% hills, so not too tough and we could enjoy the scenery.

We descended down into Tossa de Mar for a beer, knowing we only had 8 miles left to go after. Another lot of ascending and descending over fantastic roads saw us into Lloret de Mar where we had a quick shower and got ready for dinner. Another pleasant ride ahead of us tomorrow into and through Barcelona, which were all looking forward to. We’re all having a beer (one) tonight and I’m trying to forget about the bumps that I’ve found tonight from this afternoon. All in all a tough day but nice to have out the way.