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Sante Marie la Mer – Costa Brava

We leave France behind today. After plying Sean with pain killers and cream after his injuries yesterday, the boys got set off in good spirits and we had a quick clear up to get on our way and leave the mosquitoes behind.

Wow, it was windy! The Motorhome was feeling it so heaven help the boys cycling in it. And hilly!! What should have been an easy 70 miles turned into the worst day yet for the boys as they had to navigate 12 hills!!

The ride started steady for 15 miles with the Pyranees ahead. Better than their pair of knees! (Dave’s bad joke – sorry!) A few other bikers were out but non the boys could tag on to so hard work for all.

At 25 miles they thought there was wine tasting so it didn’t take long to get Sean to stop! Unfortunately no wine to be had.
12 midday took the cyclists over the border into Spain so only right they dropped down the mountain into a village for beer and Spanish tapas.

The afternoon was much the same –  climb hill in wind come down, repeat with the final 12th hill being a 4 mile climb! A tough day!! Pleasantly, Spain is open and the camp site offers a pool, bar and restaurant with music tonight apparently and we girls are very pleased of that. Finally a night off cooking! Dave’s hoping that there might be bingo too – watch this space 😂
– Kathleen xx