Today’s ride is sponsored by The Station Hotel, Birstwith.

And just like that Phase 3 begins!

We all managed to get into Monaco, Lola included (after I carried her up a flight of stairs in the train station! 😂) And the cyclists weren’t told off for cycling outside the casino this time luckily!

After a few photos, the cyclists set off from Monaco at 12pm (11am UK time) as seen on the Facebook live video, arriving in Entrevaux 63.9 miles/4 hours 3 minutes later. Just a gentle ride today… if it wasn’t uphill all the way! It went better than expected for all and no injuries, let’s hope it stays this way!

The journey back to the campsite for the back-up was slow – lots of hills, narrow roads and bridges – for those who have travelled with Kathleen before will know how much she hates bridges!

Thankfully, we didn’t need passports today as Paul had left his safely in his tent! Not the first thing Paul’s left behind so far on this trip, it all started when he brought his shaver charging cable but not the shaver itself! 😂

Tomorrow we head into Provence, roughly 90 miles for the cyclists. Let’s hope it goes as well as today!

Thank you everyone for the support and donations so far, we really appreciate it! 15 days to go!

– Kayleigh x