So it’s finally here, in the morning Slim, Blocker and Tiny along with back up Batman and Robin will head into Monaco 🇲🇨 to return to Casino Square where we left off last year.

It has been a strange build up this year. Not one of us were enthusiastic about this last stage for some reason. Whether it was because we were so busy in the lead up or that we have not had the time for much training, or is it the fact that we have to do it and it feels a chore. A chore it is not and now we are here the excitement is building, once we get on the bikes and off it will feel like we are back on it.

So Dave, Paul and Kayleigh flew into Nice today then caught the train up to Entrevaux where we met them off the train. We thought as Entrevaux was a reasonable size town with 7 Restaurants getting a meal would be no problem. But hey no France 🇫🇷 is still closed and all restaurants and bars were closed. So a mile walk to camp and started for food. Good energy filling pasta was in the menu beautifuly cooked by Kathleen aka Batman.

After tea Kayleigh gave me a package delivered from Claire from Alzheimer’s Research UK. The packaged contained some cycling T-shirt’s with all our names printed on and a few other bits and bobs to help us on our way. It also contained a fantastic card with some very kind and motivational words and signed by all the ARUK team. I have attached photos of the card for you all to read. I have to say the words brought back many memories and reminded us the as if we had forgot the reason we are doing this madcap adventure.

So we will be doing a live feed at approx 12:00noon 11:00am UK time from casino square Monaco.

– Sean