Well I never realised that with all the other pressures of this amazing ride the blog stuff would hit so soon but obviously it would as there’s only me and him aka blocker!!

So we’ve set off! Had a great “last night” with our kids and some of our fab friends from the amazingly supportive village we live in – aka Birstwith . We left with our good friends and the in-laws waving us off.

Once on board the Pride of Bruge we found the bar with the resident group singing very aptly, our ride song – “I’ll be riding shotgun” la la la you know it!! Holy Chuff – this is really happening!!  

Saturday morning dawned bright and early with numerous tannoy announcements to help us along! After collecting a very excited Lola from the ship kennels we were off!! The beach was our first stop for a good run (Lola, not us)before 230 miles through France to our first stop near Troyes.

The forecast rain hardly came and the further into France we got, the better the weather has been. The journey down has been good and Lola is very settled in the van. In fact she’s now taken to sitting at the table watching the traffic go by!! It’s an easy night tonight for us all as another 230 miles tomorrow. We’ve ordered fresh bread and croissants already so we’ll be well set up for the journey! It’s been a lovely start after a stressful week(s) resulting in good chats about why in chuffing hell are we actually doing this, but then we know why! Alzheimer’s is without doubt rubbish. Horrible for those who have it but equally horrible for those around them. The more research done to find the cure the better.

The duly earned beer is now calling along with a puppy who is ready to explore this sleepy little town we are in. Thanks for all your support along the way. You really don’t know how much it means and the further in we get the more we will all need it. Happy Saturday everyone!!

Kathleen  Xx