Back at Hull, back on the ferry for the third time on this adventure. The first time we headed to the Arctic, last year it was Europe, this time and for the final time we are heading to Africa!
The route to Monaco to the start of the ride is the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge, then a long drive to Troyes in France followed by another long drive to somewhere else god know where in France. Then to meet the boys and Kayleigh who are flying into Nice.
As usual there will be a daily blog on the website and Facebook with the planned route and a download of the previous days cycle to keep everyone one updated.
Training has not gone well this year mainly down to everyone been so busy at work. There has also been a few injuries both Paul and myself have recently had shoulder and neck injury’s I still can’t turn my head properly so won’t know if I’ve left the other two behind (as if 😂😂)
This year we have brought along our puppy 🐶  Lola she is not happy having to be left in the kennel on ferry ⛴ but one night is better than a month in one at home.
As you know we could not complete this amazing challenge without the support of the main sponsors. Today I would like to thank Jamie’s and team from Oak by Design who have sponsored us all the way. Jamie even came out to Monaco 🇲🇨 to see us in last year. Not a bad place to go 😃 he is also coming to Africa to see us complete the final stage. So from all the riders Slim, Blocker and Tiny and all those that have been in backup THANK YOU 🙏
Heading out to sea 🌊 now so until the next blog.