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Day 8

We have had a dramatic few days hence no update yesterday. Where do we start? Yesterday was our rest day or was supposed to be we only had 78 miles to do after all. The route was along the Saal canal on a rough cycle track which made riding that little bit harder. Anyway, it was a shorter route for both the cyclist and the backup crew, both Kathleen and Kayleigh even managed to get on the bike to cycle into Ingolstadt. That’s where it all went wrong! We got to them at about 4:00 pm and had a couple of beers when I say a couple it was a bit more than a couple! The time had come when we had to get back to the campsite. The girls walked back to the bike and the riders cycled back to the camp. David, it has to say was a bit tipsy and ended up falling off his bike so he won the numpty award or did he? When we got back to the camp we got a call from Kathleen to say she had a puncture and could we come back as Kayleigh was also lost! Luckily we had find my friends on the mobile so I found Kayleigh on the wrong side of the Danube in a forest total lost. I then had to find Kathleen who was heading in the completely wrong direction pushing her bike. I caught up with her and mended the puncture in the dark then got back to Kayleigh who had got lost again in an army barracks!!!! So the numpty award had to go to the back up crew fro getting lost more than once and managing to get a puncture after only 5 miles (please note we have had only one puncture in a total of 9000 miles between us excluding all the training!!!) All was well in the end.

Day 9 was our last really long day about 113 miles and all uphill. Today was tough it was hot and we were tired probably due to a few too many beers the night before as well!! Nothing much to report apart from the fact this was the first day we could see the Alps and what an impressive sight that was. We eventually got to the camp at about 8:00 pm so a long day in the saddle.