Day 6 Still in Germany close to the Czech Border.

Sponsored by The Station Hotel

118 miles today, all uphill, not steep but continuous and into the wind again. A total of 5500ft of climbing.

This morning it was hot, hot, hot. About 31 degrees in the shade! The scenery was still a bit tedious, long straight roads and large dusty fields. It was all about getting our heads down and getting the job done. Then at about half way, we hit the hills and the valley of the Salle river which gave us much-needed shelter from the wind and windy roads, as well as a good view.

We finally got the Numpty hat! Today, once again Dave claims the numpty award for him not following simple directions – for some reason, Dave has two lefts. It seems when we say turn right, he goes left and we have to remind him it is the other left!

Tomorrow we have 100 miles to do and the wind is forecast as a strong crosswind. Hopefully, as we are climbing a lot it shouldn’t affect us too much.

A big thank you to The Station Hotel, Martin Green and all the staff for supporting us on this challenge – it is very much appreciated.

We have a couple of videos from today to view along with a few photos.