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Blog by Sean

107 yesterday then 125 Miles today all the way into a heavy wind about 30 – 40 Mph!!! These were supposed to be the days we got our legs working; long, flat and fast! Far from it, this was more about team work! For those who are not so familiar with cycling as a team in the wind, it’s about positioning yourself as close to the bike in front of you and on the correct side depending on the direction of the wind. Today we each spent a few miles at the front before peeling off and getting tucked in at the back to rest before your time comes round again. The trick is keeping the speed constant. Then there is the concentration of watching the wheel in front of you and trying to keep within 6” of it. One mistake and you are off!

Only one fall today, that was me but I blame it on Dave as he wanted me to turn round on a cobbled street to get a photo. Anyway, it looks like I get the numpty hat today.

Todays Stat: 125 Miles  :3800ft Climbing   : 9600 calories burnt (not sure how much we have to eat to replace that!)

So we are 457 miles in after 4 days – not too bad. Tomorrow we have got 100 miles and we start a bit of climbing. The forecast is getting better the further south we go.

In tomorrow’s blog we will be doing Paul’s profile.

A big thank you to today’s sponsor New Lodge Contractors, Clive without your support we could not have done this.

Until tomorrow,