Our last day in Sweden for this Arctic to Africa trip, we have had 10 days cycling over the whole trip to date and over 1000 miles in total. Quick summary of Sweden. The north was forest, forest for 800 miles – that’s a big forest! This year as we headed South from Gothenburg the cycle routes were fantastic. We did over 90% on cycle highways. These were purpose made cycle roads well away from all other traffic, they seem to have it right and the number of cyclists about must be reducing traffic congestion. If the Swedish could smile or acknowledge each other occasionally it would be a great place to visit!

Anyway back to this year’s ride and more importantly today’s ride – 84 miles with a bit of a hill in the middle. All was going well, we had a decent speed – not too much wind – and got to Denmark by 12 noon. Once in Denmark we stopped for lunch and a beer – well why not, only 19 miles to go! After lunch it was going to be an easy ride along the coast to the camp site. All was going well when a time trial rider flew past us! Dave being Dave put his foot to the pedal and got in his slip stream, Paul followed! I had no choice but to push my limits and get on the back of them. So there we are, trundling along at just over 25 Mph for over 10 miles!!!! If anything we got to the camp quick, about 2:45 pm which must be a record.

So camp was in an old fort with a moat around it and lots of cannons aimed across the sea presumably to Sweden, maybe they didn’t wave back at some time in the past!!

The afternoon was spent in the sea, great for the legs as it was like an ice bath.

Tomorrow we head South to Germany. The forecast is not good for us cyclists. There is a strong head wind about 30 – 40 mph we have about 130 miles so could be one of the hardest days of the trip! Here’s to tomorrow evening and a well deserved beer again.

Thanks for following us guys – it really means a lot!!

Post by Sean