So today was the first proper day of phase 2, and we all felt more than ready to get stuck into it. We got up and set off at about 8.10am.

It was a pleasant little warm up, along a road that ran right next to the sea-  a very scenic way to wake up and get our legs moving again. The wind wasn’t too much of an issue until we were about 20 miles in and it really started slowing us down a bit.

Whoever was at the front was really having to get their head down and power on for a few miles before a well earned rest at the back. We stopped for a quick coffee and sit down at the 35 mile mark, if anything just to have a break from the wind. Despite the wind, it was still very warm so nothing compared to the conditions last year!


We got going again and put in a few hours of hard work, rotating the front rider every few minutes so everybody could have some respite. At 65 miles we found a petrol station to grab some lunch which was a calzone pizza (in a service station!) and bottle of coke. I’d like to add that this is probably the first (and probably last) ride we’ve done where there wasn’t at least one beer consumed on a lunch break. We’ll try resume normal behaviour tomorrow.


After the 70 mile mark the wind seemed to die down a bit and although still breezy, was nowhere near as strong as it had been. We got to the campsite, at 3.30, which considering we’d just done 90 miles was nice, giving us the rest of the day to relax and get ready for tomorrow which is a similar length ride.


And for anyone wondering just how far south we’ve come on the whole A2A trip so far, we’re just below Aberdeen in Latitude- so a bit left to do. 

Post by Paul Warner