Today was about picking up the rest of the team who flew over to Copenhagen then driving up to Gothenburg. All went to plan and we arrived for the 6:30 live linkup Grand Depart. I was a hot drive up, but when we eventually set off riding it was a nice 7 miles to get the legs warmed up to the camp.

Tonight we head to our Sweden Arctic to Africa correspondent Keven Dat who interviewed Dave earlier.

Dave also born and bred in Harrogate.

So Dave why did you get involved in this mad adventure?

“My mate Sean got me a bit drunk one night and said I have a cunning plan! Like Baldrick off Blackadder when Sean says I have a cunning plan, it involves a lot of pain and even more beer”.

Dave, you look like a cyclist unlike Sean, do you do a lot of cycling?

“In the past, I have done a lot of mountain biking including racing in Portugal. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do as much training this year as I hoped but I am sure I will be ok”.

How long have you known Sean?

“I met Sean and Kathleen 25 years ago at Crimple valley golf club. We played a lot of golf in those days but over the years we got more into the cycling. I knew Kathleen’s Dad Eric through Sean and Kathleen and thought this was not only a great challenge but a great opportunity to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK”.

Which part of the ride are you most looking forward to?

The End!!!!!!! No seriously Stelvio Pass! I love the challenge of climbing one of the most famous passes and the 2nd highest in Europe. I have seen the pro’s do it so many times on the Giro de Italia.

Thank you, Dave, for your perspective to his great cycle ride.

Swedish Arctic to Africa correspondent Keven Dat

Tomorrow we start the ride in earnest 90 miles down the Swedish coast to Halmstead. The forecast is hot about 30 degrees. A different challenge from last year. Hopefully, we will have some great photos for you.