It doesn’t seem a year ago since we completed the first phase and ended up in this bar in Gothenburg! How time flies? As we are about to embark on the long journey back up to Gothenburg it brings back memories of the arduous trip last year. The Five-day drive to Nordkapp! Setting off at midnight on midsummers day in the midnight sun. A particular memory from that day was at about 2:30 am we were 35 miles into the cycle. Nordkapp is on an island off the top of Norway and is connected by a tunnel under the sea. The four riders descended into the blackness of the rough hand carved tunnel. It was a steep descent of over 200 meters getting colder and colder the deeper we went. For some unknown reason, the four of us managed to somehow get split up. I can remember seeing two dim red lights in the distance in front of me and one white light behind me. Even though we were only a couple of hundred yards apart it felt very lonely and eerie down there. I can remember thinking, It is 2:30 am on a Monday morning, I am 230 meters underneath the Arctic ocean in temperatures bordering on Zero riding a bicycle! I wonder what everyone else is doing? We eventually climbed out of the tunnel still to find it light but the blue skies had been replaced by dark rain clouds, it was then we realised what we had let ourselves in for. The rest of the ride and the following several days were full of rain and snow. The rest is history the team battled through and eventually made it to Gothenburg.

So here we are Phase 2! Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm we set off to Hull once again. This year we have a motorhome as our accommodation, which should mean less packing and unpacking every night. David, Kathleen and Sean will be driving the motorhome across Germany on Monday camping near Rodby. Then on Tuesday morning we board the ferry across to Denmark and head up to Copenhagen where we pick up Paul and Kayleigh from the Airport. It is then a couple of hundred miles up to Gothenburg where we hope to get there for 6:00 pm for a 6:30 live Facebook link and the grand depart. More details will follow.

Alzheimer’s Research UK! After all, this is what we are doing this for. How are we doing with fundraising you might ask? To date, we have just gone over the £13,000 mark which is a fantastic achievement! We all thank you for your kind donations and support. Please keep donating where you can.

Great Nidd Bike Ride. Last year we launched the first GBNR with huge success. Over 70 cyclist tackled the hills of Nidderdale and thoroughly enjoyed the day! We also raised over £4000 that day to the charity. We are repeating the event again this year on the 15th of Septemeber. Please follow this LINK to enter this year’s ride.