Day 13 Fagersta to Mariestad Sponsored by New Lodge Contractors

Hello again Readers

So today was the 2nd to last ride before Gothenburg tomorrow.

We waved the cyclists off early this morning. They had a big day ahead of them. Spirits were high, the sun was shining and Paul had put cream on his already sunburnt ears!!

We had a nice breakfast and packed up the truck – again!!! After a bit of googling we decided there wasn’t very much in Fagersta and headed to our next destination Mariastad, a pretty town situated on Lake Vänern.

On route we accidentally, without any James Bond stalking, bumped into the cyclists at an ice cream stop about 40 miles into the ride. They were tonking it and were making good time.

The drive was pretty steady other than a fuel stop where Auntie Kathleen set off with her fuel cap open despite telling Dan he needed to close his – this earned her the Numpty award for the day.

Once we arrived we headed down to the marina and enjoyed a nice walk and some beers over looking the Gota canal, dreaming of being millionaires and owning boats 🙂

The ride today has been 138 miles in 26 degrees, all of us are sunburnt even though everyone was completely coated in sunscreen. Despite the sunburn though the spirits are extremely high – we even got a fair bit competitive with the top speeds today. The results are as follows:-

Sean – 1st 47.6mph
David – 1st 47.6mph (he was on my tail getting drag)
Lee – 2nd 45.2mph
Paul – 3rd 43.9mph

We also cycled around an enormous lake, which we stopped off at for a beer in the final few miles. Other than this it was a fairly uneventful ride but definitely a good one!

The boys arrived earlier than expected, as always in good spirits. We are all currently sat listening to live music about to enjoy a nice meal.

Tomorrow is our final day and so the final blog. It’s been lovely that so many people have followed our challenge so eagerly. The support, comments and donations have been amazing and you cannot believe how much they have helped everyone. It seems a long time since we all set off on this adventure but this time tomorrow after a short 100 miles we will definitely be celebrating. Please make sure you look out for the final blog (well for this stage anyway!) and do keep your messages coming too.

Until next time,
Lee, Amy and Kathleen xx