Day 11 – Gnarp to Gavle sponsored by Logic Fire and Security

Mornings have become a struggle to get up for both cyclists and backup, this morning was no different. However once the cyclists get on those bikes, they are like machines now!! I enjoyed a ride with them this morning and in the words of Auntie Kathleen, we ‘tonked’ it.

It’s only taken 11 days but today was the perfect day of cycling. After yesterday’s detour via mountain bike trails, we were all ready for a good days road cycling in good weather- and today delivered. We set off after a bit of a lie in and immediately hit a dirt track- which Sean was quick to reassure us about! After a few short minutes we were on glorious tarmac and managed to get the first thirty miles down in 2 and a half hours and treated ourselves with the back up team to a McDonalds. Amy jumped in with the back up team who headed South to get the drone set up for some action shots of the cyclists and also provide a well needed refreshment stop!!

Back up headed down the Swedish roads which again turned into tracks, all we could think about were the poor cyclists who were previously celebrating about tarmac!! We pulled over and the boys played with the drone getting ready for the cyclists. With our amazing detective skills we soon realised that sensibly they had decided to do more miles on tarmac and not go down the track where we were parked up, so we packed up and met them on a much smoother road!! They kept a really good pace and soon a beer in the sunshine near a hydro dam was just perfect.

After this, and with 42 miles left we-the cyclists -decided to really put our foot down and managed to average 20mph for the last two hours (not including a pit stop for another well earned pint), to give us a bit more chance to relax tonight.

Our stop for the night is Gävle. We are currently in an Irish bar in the city centre enjoying a feast 🙂 the numpty nomination today goes to Kayleigh bobs, she mistook a train and thought it was a really long lorry and thought a man who was holding a pole in the distance was balancing something strange on his head!!

In comparison to the last week and a half, today has been by far the most enjoyable. Glorious weather, glorious roads, glorious views- and it’s done both the cycling team and the back up team a world of good- we were due some good luck!

Overall a good day!!

Big love to all

Paul and Amy 🙂 xx