Day 10 Ornskoldsvik to Gnarp sponsored by The Station Hotel Birstwith

Hey there readers

So the weather has been absolutely spectacular for us all today, the sky stayed blue for the 110 miles! No coats just glorious sunshine. Must have known it’s Sean’s birthday – we knew he’d have the weather organised! After the cyclists set off, some of the back up team started the day with another run – this time around the marina before making the most of the sun and sitting next to the water until we became hungry and enjoyed a fantastic Italian lunch!

Unfortunately for the cyclists the only downside was the gravelly roads. Some of the back roads in Sweden aren’t covered in tarmac, they’re just muddy roads that have been flattened over time and are incredibly slick. Those roads are alright to ride on, however, today we got gravel – not just small gravel, huge stones that don’t particularly bode well with a road bike. Even the downhills were a struggle with the bikes sliding around and unfortunately Paul managed to fall from his bike again, hitting a patch of deep sand on the gravel roads causing us to come to an abrupt stop.

Back up had set off for our next destination and on-route decided to go find the cyclists as we are now able to track them! Unfortunately when we first met them we accidentally sent them the wrong way, but with a few heavy sighs from everyone, the cyclists were on the right track and Dan had the amazing idea to get the drone flying for when the cyclists passed again, but it seems he might need a few more practises as the drone made a detour for the forest which resulted in Kayleigh scrambling through the bushes to rescue it and ended in Gary rescuing her as she fell out of them. This resulted in Dan winning the numpty hat for the day!

Back-up team then continued along the route but were worried as to whether the cyclists could avoid the dreaded E4 so we arrived at a large retail park where we waited for the cyclists to arrive. This wasn’t the most exciting place but there were shops! Thankfully the cyclists found us .

Through it all the cyclists thought that the weird and wonderful trails aside, the last 30 or so miles of the ride were some of the best views of the trip. Staring out over the valley/river into the (sort of, but not actually setting sun) at a sea of trees was easily in my (Lee’s) top 3 so far, and it was a welcome change to the endless tarmac.

Overall it was a difficult ride and all of us are feeling a little bit rough but all the sweets the back up team supplied helped tremendously.

We are now making our way into Sundsvall to have dinner and celebrate Sean’s birthday with the cyclists still dressed in their cycling gear! Another eventful day.

Happy Birthday Sean!

Until next time,

Kayleigh and Lee