Day 6 Sponsored by Logic Fire and Security

An early start this morning, ready for a lengthy 130 mile day. It was a slow start with some serious aches and pains. The first 30 miles crossed the Arctic Circle and followed the Tornionjoki river, which also acts as the border between Finland and Sweden.

It felt like a very long 30 miles until our bodies had warmed up. After crossing the border our always faithful back up team were there ready with coffee and cookies!!! This is where I jumped in with the back up team and left the amazing boys to climb up from the river into the treeful Swedish countryside. Their determination is unbelievable, despite being in so much pain (mainly with their knees).

The backup team’s next job was to find a suitable stop for lunch. After 30 miles of nothing we found a fab little cafe. The owner made us feel very welcome. He provided us with coffee and food, showed us photos of a brown bear he had crossed paths with (last month), asked us to sign the guestbook, and even offered to post his food to Africa for when we arrive there!!! We waited here until the boys arrived. After 50 miles their poor bodies were now starting to get going and a beer to wash down lunch was warmly welcomed.

After dinner we made our way to Lulea. We were all excited about arriving in somewhere with a bit of civilisation. The hotel even had a pool, which was obviously our first port of call on arrival!! After a quick swim and sauna we resumed backup duties and headed to the town centre to find somewhere for dinner.

It’s still bank holiday here and the vast majority of pubs and restaurants are closed due to, as the locals say, “the midsummer piss up”. After a phone call from the cyclists to say they have had to change their route I headed off in the truck to pick them up.

The route had initially taken them onto a very busy single carriage way (constrained by Armco barriers) so they decided life was worth living after all and headed inland onto quieter roads. With already doing 121 miles, and with 53 miles still to go, the decision was to finish and be dropped off back at the same point in the morning.

Food and beer is on the agenda tonight. The back up team found an English pub called the Bishops Arms (hand pulled ales and everything), and that is where we currently are…..about to order and chill.

Amy 🙂