Day 4 Sponsored by New Lodge Contractors

After the ordeal that yesterday turned out to be, we decided that the best thing to do for both cyclists and back up was to have a lie in! The forecast was due to stop raining between 11 and 12 so the decision was made to leave it until later for today, with the course being 85 miles.


Between 9 and 10 everyone started getting ready and filled up on bacon, eggs and muesli, courtesy of Amy and Dan and a round of coffees from Dave ‘Pink Flamingo’ Kent.


We reached the start point at 11.45 and set off pretty soon after. The weather seemed to be the same where it left off yesterday which meant it took an extra 10-15 miles to warm up. Various niggles and muscle aches were more prominent today and meant the first hour was the toughest warm up so far.


The rain stopped after about an hour and although was still overcast and 5 degrees, it was a 100% improvement on yesterday if only for not having wet kit.


The scenery in Finland so far has at best been bleak; long roads, false flats and trees, although the weather has probably not improved our attitude towards the place so far. The road went on for around 30 miles before we reached a cafe for a quick coffee stop. Shortly after the coffee stop the road, which until then had been smooth, turned into a sand track which lasted for the best part of forty miles. A small section of roadworks in the middle claimed the life of one of Paul’s tyres so we had a 10 minute pit stop to replace that. With 25 miles left, the sand track started to take its toll on the riders and was working both upper body as well as our legs.


The 6 mile run to Levi ski resort was pleasant and after a bit of confusion about where our lodge was, we pulled up to our amazing log cabin, including open fire, sauna, fluffy carpets, and macaroni cheese courtesy of our always amazing back up team.


Another tough ride but we’re quickly making our way South which means more sun! A few beers and an early night before we set off on our mostly flat 93 mile ride to Pello is in order tonight and we will see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully blue sky and a bit of sun!