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Day 2 Olderfjord to Karasjok

-A.K.A Woah, that’s a lotta hills!!
After spending our last night at Repvåg following a night of music from the hosts Peter and Jan we set off towards Olderfjord, our starting point for the day.
After an all you can eat breakfast and a few extra sandwiches that we craftily stashed away for later we were ready to go.

The initial stages of the ride were pleasant. We kept a steady pace, managed to capture the reindeers ‘like a dog walking in shoes’ run and by some amazing coincidence we stumbled upon some pink flamingos – Dave’s call sign he’d received before the trip began. Even the weather had remained dry and relatively warm – well 8 degrees!! Unfortunately around the 30 mile mark Paul had a small fall but was lucky enough to only come away with a few grazes. Then, shortly after the half way point the hills started… and did not stop. It was a tough long climb but after we made it up the first 170 metres we had a small break believing that the biggest of hills were behind us. However, as Admiral Ackbar once said in Star Wars “IT’S A TRAP!” And indeed it was. As soon as we turned round the corner we were immediately confronted by another steep and long climb.

It wasn’t until the last 5 miles of the 87 in total did the downhill ride appear and it was glorious. As the hills carried us down to Karasjok not even the bitterly cold wind could beat the fact that the end was drawing closer. When we finally arrived in Karasjok we were tired and sore but definitely not too tired to venture out for pizza/burgers and a well deserved couple of beers.

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