Day 4 – Asen to Sorkil

Into the Arctic! The sun was out for our early start. It never actually got dark last night, we won’t see proper night for the next two weeks now.

Turbo Terri and Mad Maureen ventured into the unknown depths of Northern Europe carrying their crew of nine adventurers. The wastelands of The Arctic was the destination, but wastelands they were not! Following the Norwegian coastline around the stunning fjords was a pleasure to behold. We then headed inland following fast flowing rivers until we eventually got to 66deg 33′ Polarsickelsenterst (Arctic centre to you and I). We were high up in the mountains, snow drifts in excess of 10 feet! The beauty of the barren landscape was breathtaking and cold especially in shorts and flip flops!!!

The next part of our journey was towards the sea and our camp for the night was not a disappointment. Rivers with icebergs turning into the most dramatic white water rapids we have ever seen; words and photos cannot give the views justice. “Veldig vakker” as the Norwegians would say.

Then we came to the Arctic fjords, snow topped mountains, with amazing weather conditions of low scattered cloud and the sun forcing its rays through to make pure heaven on earth!

The camp for the night did not disappoint, we had a large cabin 30 meters from the shores edge, again the view over the fjord was of snow capped mountains. I’d like to say the sunset was beautiful but the sun didn’t set it just circled around us. This didn’t stop Dave having his sunset swim in the sea! Bloody idiot!!!

Tomorrow we head another 500 miles north to Nordkapp when we start the bike ride South heading to Africa.

Watch out for the Facebook live start tomorrow night at 11:00pm UK time, midnight local time here.