Day 2 – Rotterdam to Gothenburg

Motorways, accidents, roadworks, slow arduous drive!!!

The boat docked half an hour late and we ended been one of the last to get off the ferry due to been at the back. One hour behind schedule before we even started!! Great!!!

424 miles, to Puttgarden where we boarded the ferry from Germany to Denmark. The ferry was booked for 3:00pm! We clearly didn’t make it. Finally boarded the ferry at 6:00pm 3 hours late.

The rest of the journey was nice and clear although we did hit a bird full on the windscreen God bless the little thing. Then a stone chip flew up and cracked the windscreen!!! The fun and games didn’t stop there, then all the warning lights on the dashboard lit up due to a wiring fault for the bike rack lights, no worries we ventured on North.

There was some highlights when we got overtook by a Ferrari we think it was any way it must have been in excess on 200mph!! Poor Turbo Terri just couldn’t catch it.

We eventually landed at the hotel at 11:30pm 14 half hours in the car and 800 miles done since Birstwith. A beer was well received by all.